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Metals Scrap

We are a globally leading metals scrap sourcing trading company committed to creating value for our Suppliers and Customers. our Communities, and our Investors by leading the industry in customer service and product and process innovation by challenging the status quo. We specialise in Procurement and sale of raw materials and related functions including shipping & logistics, documentation, administration, finance and public relations.

Furthermore, the group has well reputed and immensely experienced associates , Recycling companies and agnets worldwide.

We specialise in sourcing and trading of ferrous and non metals scrap as below


Ferrous Scrap

In Ferrous Scrap we deals in below scraps

→    HMS 1 scrap
→     HMS1-2 ( 80-20) scrap
→     Shredded steel scrap 211
→     Plate & structural scrap
→     LMS bundle scrap no.1
→     LMS bundle scrap. no2
→     LMS tincans scrap
→     CRC bundle scrap
→     New tinplate scrap
→     Bushlings scrap
→     Punching or stampings scrap
→     Steel turning scrap
→     Briquetted steel turing scrap
→     Briquetted cast iron borings
→     Re-rolling scrap
→     Used rail scrap
→     Railway wheel scrap
→     Foundry grade cast iron scrap
→     Oversized cast iron scrap
→     HR trimming scrap / hr slit scrap 
→     MS- plats scrap
→     Steel tire wire scrap
→     Compressor scrap
→     Skull & slag scrap 
→     Electric motors scrap
→     Ballast scrap 

Non Ferrous

We have regular quantities of non ferrous Metals Scrap as below,

→     Aluminium scraps
→     Taint tabor
→     Extrusions 6063; 1000/3000/5000 series
→     Copper birch
→     Copper mill berry 
→     Brass honey 
→     Brass ebony 
→     Brass wire & label

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