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Ferro Alloys

Baig & Sons is specialized in the sales and distribution of ferro-alloys and minerals on behalf of recognized producers to the welding, foundry, refractory, steel, and other metal related industries.. the company Baig & Sons has quickly become your partner of first choice for the simplification and optimization of your purchases. Today, many customers in Pakistan and around the world regularly use our services and trust in our expertise.


Ferroalloy refers to various alloys of iron with a high proportion of one or more other elements such as manganese (Mn), aluminium (Al), or silicon (Si). They are used in the production of steels and alloys. The alloys impart distinctive qualities to steel and cast iron or serve important functions during production and are, therefore, closely associated with the iron and steel industry, the leading consumer of ferroalloys.

The leading producers of ferroalloys in 2014 were China, South Africa, India, Russia and Kazakhstan, which accounted for 84% of the world production. World production of ferroalloys was estimated as 52.8 million tonnes in 2015.


The main ferroalloys are:

→ Silicon manganese
→ Ferro silicon calcium
→ Ferro manganese
→ Ferrous sulfide
→ Ferro phosphorus
→ Ferro silicon
→ Fero chrome 

Ferroalloys are produced generally by two methods : in a blast furnace or in an electric arc furnace. Blast furnace production continuously decreased during the 20th century, whereas the electric arc production is still increasing. Today, ferromanganese can be still efficiently produced in a blast furnace, but, even in this case, electric arc furnace are spreading.

More commonly, ferroalloys are produced by carbothermic reactions, involving reduction of oxides with carbon (as coke) in the presence of iron. Some ferroalloys are produced by the addition of elements into molten iron.


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