Feed and Fodders

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Feed and Fodders

Animal forage or Animal feed is often given to animals that are domestic. This feed is referred to as fodder. We get profits by the course of care and management of livestock and farm animals. The supply of quality animal forage ensures that the health of animals is properly monitor by professionals. There are various types of animal feeds include poultry feed, sheep husbandry, cat food, pet food, cattle feeding, equine nutrition, and bird food as well, but we focus on forage products specifically.
Agronomic and weather factors influencing the nutrient value of feeds. The utilization of feed and the improvement of such big-scale production, reproduction, and health responses are very hard to manage. We can provide finest quality animal forage and export worldwide.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a Leading Exporter of

→ Rhodes grass hay
→ Long wheat straw Hay
→ Corn silage
→ Alfalfa hay
→ Corn cob crush
→ Seasonal straws
→ Fruits & vegetables
→ Cereal and grains

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